A Tribute To Ahmed Sardauna Ahman Patigi


Twenty-six years ago, I met a remarkable man who was knowledgeable, intelligent, gentle, caring and charming. That young man was Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman. Fondly called Ahmed, Sardauna or Na Ahmadu by friends, addressed as ‘YaSardauna’ or Uncle Sardauna by family, there was something about him that commanded respect and love by most who came around him.

Ahman Sardauna Ahman

He was unassuming, polite, always had an encouraging or kind word for you. He became the love of my life and one of the best gifts God gave me. It was Allah who brought us together and He preserved our union till the end.

He was witty and humorous and he was always looking on and for the bright side of life. He never spoke harshly to anyone, and was considerate of others’ feelings while expressing his thoughts. His habits in talk, actions set an example for all of us to emulate. He was morally clean in mind and body. He was honest and respectful to everyone especially to the needy, the aged and children. He loved children and he had so much patience with everyone and with life. He was a goal-getter but believed that what is meant to be yours will surely be yours through hard work and diligence. He was a good civic worker promoting good for the welfare of the general public.

Ahman Sardauna Ahman Family

He was a good son, a doting father, reliable friend, my loving husband and rock.

He did not seek for material things of life but was ambitious to earn through honest means in order to meet his financial responsibilities, welfare and happiness of his family and loved ones.
August 15th 2002 was a day I and many others will not forget. The shocking news of his death came as a big blow to us. The day before that, we had had a lengthy discussion over the phone on various issues. He was going to come to Abuja from Ilorin and we were going to return to Patigi in Kwara state to take our new born son Ahmed Baba whom was named after his late father to see the family. That journey was cut short by the cold hands of death. An ambush would end his and his police Orderly’s lives horrifically by a rain of bullets. Till this day we do not know those who ordered your assassination nor why. Only Allah knows, although we are all sad that it could have been politically motivated because of the series if events happening then. It was strange because there you were trying your best to make things right by people but evil-minded ones had their own nasty plans.

Ahman Sardauna Ahman

He was a planner. He had such great plans and hopes for everyone and took his time to implement them. Plans for the children, family and myself, some that have come to fruition already, others that will not see the light of day but Allah knows best!
Ahmadu Sardauna Ahman Patigi, you’re gone but never forgotten. All that’s left is nothing but memories; memories that lead me to silence and tears but also those that leave me comforted in knowing that, in your short time on this earth, you touched many lives with your goodness. Today, 15 years after your passing, people still remember you with fondness. It is a bittersweet feeling that in death, they still talk of your good nature  and how, if you were still alive, their lives would have turned out today. Surely it was the will of Allah that you should return to him when the applause was loudest. Allahu Akbar. May your sweet and gentle soul rest in peace and may your good legacies continue to live on in your children.

Your Wife,  Amina Alhassan-Ahman 

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