UMAR: What Manner Of Man?


As next general elections  loom around the corner, we the electorate should not miss the chance to get it right this time around.

     It is indeed high time we started scrutinizing and consciously vote our representatives, be it, at Council, State Assembly,House of Representatives, or the Senat level. This is because, if we wish to witness tremendous dividends of democracy in our constituencies, then the only option available to us is to bring in selfless and vibrant legislature.


   Legislature, like most of us are aware, is one of the three and coequal arms of the government, responsible for making new laws and changing the existing ones. Legislative service is one of democracy’s worthiest pursuits. It is an important duty that deserves our time, attention and dedication. To work well, government requires a bond of trust between citizens and their representatives.


    Therefore, we must be careful with the kind of characters we send there to represent us. We need to send people with innate abilities such as honesty and commitment to the led, we need people who are truthful, courageous, with discernible mind, good ears to listen and obviously focused. They must possess positive attitude, be a problem solver, be security conscious, with teachable attitude, visionary and exemplary.

     We cannot afford to send people who are docile and lack the wherewithal to represent us again. It is unimaginable that Niger South Senatorial District, popularly known as Zone “A”, a zone that is arguably, the most enlightened zone among the three senatorial zones of the state, is yet to witness any impressive development!


       This piece is not meant to discredit anybody or the present representatives we have at the National Assembly or the state assembly, but, the truth of the matter is that, a lot of the present crops of the legislatures we have, are yet to equal the achievements of their predecessors, talk more of surpassing them!


    We need people that would honour the legislative institution and not to demean it, those who are ready to go through the parliamentary rudiments and do it faster, make friends with parliamentary experts in order to tap from their experience,and as well seek their advice routinely to get the job done.


   It is also asserted that to move forward, disciplined, organized and committed representatives are needed. We need servant leaders who are ready to make sacrifice for the development of our area, generous ones, those who can easily get acquainted to legislative etiquette and ethical responsibilities because it is vital, not only to themselves and the institution, but to the constituents, those who have conscience, friendly, approachable and responsible.


Those that are transparent, bridge builders, keep to their words, have self-control over sentimental issues, problem solver and very loyal to their constituency.


    Little wonder, some good people of Bida, Gbako and Katcha local government areas are calling on Hon. Suleiman Umar, a businessman, philanthropist, a complete gentleman, the son of an erudite educationist, late Haj.Aisha Masatso Umar, one of the earliest Nupe women to obtain university degree, the people’s mother who ensured even the less privileged children, especially, the girls were given opportunity to attend prestigious Model Primary School and Federal Government Girls College, both in Bida, while, she held sway as headmistress and principal respectively, the piorneer principal of Government Girls Day Secondary School, Kokpara, Bida, the wife of Alh. A B Umar, Madakin Nupe, an international businessman of repute, who has invested so much in Nupe kingdom, by establishing industries as part of his contribution to the development of the kingdom, to contest for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives, come 2019, to represent Bida/Gbako/Katcha federal constituency.


     I have no doubt that, Alh Umar would excel, if, given the chance, In Sha Allah. And the reasons are not farfetched. Even though he had never held an elective post in the past, he has the political savvy of Nigeria from the people at the grassroot to go tothe national level.


  He understands the plight of his people very well, especially, those in the remote areas, due to the fact that, as a businessman with experience in small scale industry with speciality in Shea Butter processing for more than two decades, which gave him the opportunity to traverse the nooks and crannies of these local government areas to source for raw materials and get first hand knowledge of some of the challenges of the rural people.


   Perhaps, that is one of the reasons for designing a programme in his manifesto to introduce various programmes that would elevate the standard of living of his people, as plans to partner with developmental  agencies to provide training programmes in agriculture in the areas of value addition and to help the rural communities in setting up small scale businesses and to organize various cooperatives into groups, so that they can access loans and grants from the government agencies.


He’s generous, fast learner, self confident, accessible, a good listener and communicator, loyal and above all, philanthropic in nature, who has by Allah’s grace, been able to touch a few people’s lives in his own little way and believes he can do more and  better, if,given the opportunity. He even launched medical outreach and women and youth skills acquisition programme worth millions of Naira, and no less than six hundred people benefited.


   He’s a problem solver, bridge builder, honest and prefers to indulge in gainful discussions and activities and he is not oblivious to the fact that  executing capital projects is not the first and sole responsibility of a legislature, but, his argument is that, “how does it profit anyone if I cannot lobby the government to bring projects to my constituency ? “.


    The change we craved for cannot take place without the active support of the people of the constituency concerned. In a recent interview with our reporter, he acknowledged this, saying, ” I am an ordinary human being who cannot do anything without your prayers, support and most importantly good advice to succeed”. Thus he counts on these three elements to succeed: prayers, support and advice.

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