Are Obasanjo, Other Leaders Enemies of Africa?




Many Africans see the United States of America and Great Britain as role models of what the continent should be.

However events over the years have revealed that the real enemies of the continent remains the two countries and their collaborating Western partners.

These countries have succeeded in truncating the growth of countries in the continent through orchestrated plans to see that only the worst set of Africans (but very loyal to their whims and caprices) rule.

A typical example is Former Liberian President, Ellen Sirleaf, Olusegun Obasanjo and a host of others.

Many reading this article may frown at the mention of Obasanjo. Yes I make bold to say that Obasanjo remains nothing but a Western stooge and informs on the continent for his masters. He is the hatchet man that the West uses to foist on the country weak and bad leaders since his first emergence in 1976.

That Obasanjo was used to truncate all the nationalist policies put in place by his predecessor, Late Gen. Murtala Mohammed is too glaring for all to see.

Mutala Mohammed was a pan African leader like Late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. His policies were geared towards putting Africa first, just like incumbent President Donald Trump of the US sees the world from the America prism. What did OBJ  (as Obasanjo is popularly referred to) do, but to overturn most of the policies when he succeeded him after an acclaimed West sponsored coup that claimed the life Murtala.

From 1999 when Obasanjo returned to power, he had had a hand in who emerges as Nigeria’s President. The records are there as to how he manipulated the system that saw the emergence of Late Umaru Yar`Adua, Good luck Jonathan and Muhammad Burari.

Though Obasanjo made some strides in revamping the economy, his foisting of Presidents on the country were done to please the choices of his Western friends.

First was the case of Yar`Adua; it was crystal clear that power will remain in the southern part of the country when his anointed, Former Governor, Peter Odili of Rivers state was coasting home to becoming the presidential candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, when Tony Blair visited and the equation changed.

Our colonial masters, Britain, have before independence chosen the North over the South in their choice of who should rule over Nigeria. Tony Blair’s visit therefore and the then anti graft boss, Nuru Ribadu’s indictment of Odili which threw up a Yar`Adua as the best alternative were quite instructive. Unfortunately, for OBJ and his Western masters, Yar`Adua turned against OBJ when he became president. The death of Yar`Adua saved Obasanjo from going to jail as everything was already in place to try his misrule. Providence played a part in the emergence of Jonathan and maverick OBJ had a hand in this providence. He saw Jonathan as a man he could manipulate, not for his competence. The man however surprised him when he did not only perform beyond his imagination but stopped taking orders from him.

When it was time to remove Jonathan, a move orchestrated by America, the support of OBJ was once again sought. He also became willing tool, perhaps to teach the son of an Ijaw fisherman some lessons on who was or should be in charge. Obasanjo was reluctant to throw his weight behind the most populous choice of the North, Muhammadu Buhari, not because he did not know the man but because he saw in him a man with a mind of his own. He had no choice but to support him when he saw that there was no stopping the man and he respectfully informed his masters of his choice for power change.  As a trusted ally, the West bought into the Buhari candidacy and saw to his emergence as President.

That OBJ wants Buhari out at all cost come 2019, is a well crafted script being played out by both him and his masters as they never envisaged that Buhari will turn out to be the religious/ethnic bigot he has turned out to become.

If Buhari had made his corruption fight all encompassing without sparing friends and members of his party, fighting insurgency holistically and above all other thing, turned out to be a true Nigerian who does not see his Fulani tribe as superior to all other Nigerians, he would have won the heart on Nigerians.

Though he lacks the intellectual capacity to rule Nigeria of the 21st century, his  handing over governance to a family cabal instead of the erudite Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, his vice, proved that all he wanted was absolute power even if he knows nothing to do with it.

Obasanjo is in the market once more searching for his right candidate to present to his masters. His Former Vice, Atiku Abubaker is obviously not in his equation. The question is why?

Atiku has been prosecuted by OBJ using state machinery but without any success. The media was even employed to spread falsehood about his means of wealth, charracter damaging allegations on his personal life.

To make sure that Atiku does not succeed in taking over from Buhari, Obasanjo has put forward a political grouping/ideology which he calls the third force. He is trying to sell the group to Nigerians by selling the idea that he intends to put the youth on the front burner of governance in the country and a departure from his generation that has ruled the nation since . To those that know Obasanjo and his antics, his latest move boils down to searching for another yes-man that will be ready to do his bidding after the exit of Buhari and he feels compelled to fall back on the younger generation. However it is unfortunate that the man has refused to learn from history that everybody he has supported to power have all turned around to play a card different from his own projection.

In all of this, Obasanjo must know that Nigerians are wise to his theatrics and the script of his Western paymasters. The time has come for him to wise up to the reality that come 2019, Nigerians will support and vote in a candidate of their choice not necessarily supported by him, Obasanjo.

Without trying to speak from a biased perspective, OBJ must be told that if Atiku Abubakar or yours sincerely’s time has come, no body or power can stop him from becoming the President in 2019.



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