Pategi 2019 Project: Time To Support A Governorship Candidate From Kwara North 


Kwara State comprises of three geographical zones namely: Kwara South, Central and the North.


The leadership of the state, which is the Governor, has tilted towards favoring the South and Central parts of the state, while people from Kwara North have felt a sense of being marginalized when it comes to giving out basic positions, especially leadership of the state.

Kwara North has always given support to all other zones and local governments of the state to elect leaders into the highest positions of the state and at the federal level.


For a long time, people from Kwara North, especially the Nupes, have been searching for a credible and hard working candidate who can take the mantle of leadership as a governor from their constituency; the last governor from Kwara North was Senator Shaba Lafiagi, which was decades ago. 


It has been very difficult for anyone to emerge or be the chosen one that the king makers of the state would allow to fill the Governorship position from Kwara North, especially the Nupe speaking areas. Since Shaba Lafiagi left that position many years ago, no other person has been opportuned. Now, a credible candidate has emerged and people of Kwara North are very proud to support and present him to the world.  


Kwara North is ready to take the leadership position of the state to greater heights without holding grudges against anyone but rather by seeking the support of Kwara South and Central, stakeholders, politicians and the traditional rulers in the state to support one of their own in the 2019 Governorship election. 


The Nupe speaking areas of Kwara North have been able to mentor and groom a son of the soil from the prestigious family of Ahman Galadima Patigi. Here is a man who is not greedy, a trusted man and politician from birth that has made the best of his position in building and uplifting Kwara State to where it is today with every opportunity. That son of the soil is Hon. Dr. Aliyu Bahago Ahman Patigi. 


Hon Aliyu is someone that the good people of Kwara North have tried and tested for almost 12 years as their representative at the National Assembly. He was elected three times due to his humility and strong leadership charisma. Dr. Aliyu Ahman has never failed to do his work and never found to be involed in corrupt practices, nor biased even when he represents so many different ethnic groups from his constituency that comprises of Moro, Pategi and Edu local government areas of Kwara state.


Due to his hard work, sincerety and love for his people, his constituents have given him their full support to contest for the Governorship position of state which they have been seeking for so long. The support started from his home town of Pategi, where youths, women and some great politicians came out in large numbers to endorse Hon Aliyu Ahman Pategi as the sole candidate from Pategi to contest for Governorship position of Kwara State and allign themselves with other local government areas of Kwara North and other zones to make Hon Bahago the chosen candidate for Governor. 


Following this, the Kwara North Youth Vanguard, consisting Moro, Patigi and Edu local government areas has thrown its weight behind Hon. Aliyu Bahago Ahman pategi as its governorship candidate for the 2019 election.

In a statement jointly signed by the three presidents of the group in the three local governments, namely: Kolo Ndagima (Patigi) Saka Saidu (Moro) and Yusuf Ibrahim (Edu), the group noted that they resolved to endorse and work for Hon Ahman Pategi in the contest for the state governorship in 2019.


They explained that his numerous achievements to the people of Edu,Patigi and Moro especially in improved welfare packages for youths through empowerment schemes informed their support for Hon. Ahman Pategi as their candidate.


They called on the APC leadership in Kwara state to give Hon Pategi the mandate to be the flagbearer of the party in the 2019 governorship race, while promising to mobilise people at the grassroots for the Ahman Pategi governorship ambition.


The meeting took place at the Cultural Center Pategi, the headquarters of Pategi local government area of Kwara state and was attended by APC stalwarts, supporters as well as representatives of women groups and other associations from the three local governments.


Therefore, the good people of Kwara are urgd to support a great politician who has passion to see people living in good health, a man that loves to see that youths are well educated and a man that always wants to see that women are not left behind in policies that can make a great impact in societal growth. Ahman Pategi is a man that has been working very hard for decades to see development in his state without fear or favor. He is a respectful politician who never discriminates and is focused with great ideologies.


So Kwarans, support Hon Dr Aliyu Ahman Pategi as your next Governor.

Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi For Kwara Governor



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