Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi: The Best Choice For Kwara


A Better Candidate For Kwara 2019

Are we ready to come together as Kwarans and choose a great man for the State leadership position just like we did when we elected former charismatic Governors, at a time when regions, Emirates, tribes and religion did not define a potential leader or determine the leader’s acceptance by the people? 


Talking to many Kwarans, the criteria they are looking for for our next Governor, among other things, includes a candidate with a visionary economic policy that encourages growth and job creation for the State. Also a candidate who believes that true progress in education will require more resources and serious reforms. For about a decade, Hon Dr Aliyu Ahman Pategi has devoted his entire life working on how he can achieve such goals for the good people of Kwara. 


The most important qualities of a good leader like Hon. Aliyu Ahman Pategi are his integrity, character, and judgement. We need a Governor like him, whose policies are pragmatic and visionary; who understands the needs for leadership in confronting many of the challenges ahead, first and foremost defending the safety and security of all Kwarans, as without peace there cannot be development. 


It is time to choose a leader with a fresh perspective on a new Kwara to present to the world, a potential governor who understands the unconventional challenges we face and who can lead us to overcome them. Therefore, why can’t Kwarans see the future in Aliyu Ahman, as the one to lead us into the new world? Or as a person who has a greater vision to take us into the promised land, where everyone will be treated equally with a common interest for peace, tranquility and justice?


Hon Aliyu Ahman Pategi can inspire and unite us around the principles that we share and rally us to a common purpose. He can turn the old page of politics of the past into a new one; the politics that was tearing people apart will be fixed and cherished with one common entity. Hon Pategi will offer a pragmatic, smart, and principled strategy, with bold and specific ideas that carry everyone along to achieve long- lasting security and opportunity for all. 

Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi For Kwara Governor

If he becomes the next governor of Kwara State, Hon Bahago Ahman will assure the good people of Kwara, that all political appointees will possess relevant professional qualifications and experience related to the core mission of all the departments, ministries and agencies for which they are nominated, thereby ensuring integrity and competence in the execution of their missions. People who have integrity and unbiased minds are the people to be entrusted with carrying out daily activities as they should be for people. 


As for the unemployed youths of Kwara State, he’ll create an enabling environment for them to find productive employment, and opportunity to advance their education.


Kwarans need a candidate who is comfortable with modern technology, so that he can put government data online, creating a centralized database and user-friendly search engine accessible to all, while giving a level playing field and equal opportunity. This had since been put in place by Hon Aliyu Bahago when he was first elected into the House of Representatives as one of his constituency projects to encourage youths in ICT through a partnership with NCC. 


Hon Aliyu Pategi will create an open-door policy. Because in a democracy, it shouldn’t be just the loyalists, the wealthy, and the well-connected that should have access and influence. He’s always a man of peace and sincerity, who does not discriminate but rather treats everyone equal. Hon Aliyu Ahman will be an excellent chief executive officer to all Kwarans, irrespective of gender, religion, tribe or ethnicity. 


If Hon Aliyu is elected, he will have periodic engagements with the people by all forms of media platforms and be present for people to access, in a “town-hall” meeting style. Using his position, coupled with experience, he will be able to motivate the good people of Kwara to achieve common goals, for our mutual benefit, using leadership by example. 


Kwarans wouldn’t approve of candidates that are intellectually bankrupt, devoid of ideas, vision, or if their mission is getting us mired and entangled into debating trivialities in this political contest. Dr. Aliyu Bahago has been tested for so many years and he has really proved worthy of people trust. It has never been in his character to play dirty in any form. 


However, Hon Aliyu has never seen the failure of former leaders, and can never be used as a yardstick to judge his mentors or leaders who have been there before him but would rather wear same shoes with them in order to continue playing a great role by taking Kwara State to the next level of great States in Nigeria.


Therefore, there is no doubt that Kwara electorates will go for Hon Dr Aliyu Ahman Pategi as an excellent candidate for governor. A great man that is solid, achieving, receptive, kind, impartial, nationalistic, youthful, accountable, knowledgeable and who would bring long lasting opportunities for the people of Kwara State.



Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi For Kwara Governor

                                         KWARA, Sai Bahago 


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