I’m Not Afraid Of Going After My Dreams- Mojisola Eliana Oyewobi

Music And Acting Make The World Go Round For Me.... . 


Young and pretty Mojisola Eliana Oyewobi is a girl who doesn’t mince words when it comes to what she wants. At 10, she is focused, determined and not afraid to follow her dream of becoming a musician. 

She spoke to TMG about family, school and her passion.

TMG> Tell us about yourself, school, home and friends?

Mojisola> My name is Mojisola and I love music, my family and friends. I am not the kind of person who is shy or afraid a bit. I am the kind of person who likes to be free and does not lie to impress people. I am who I want to be.

My school is a very good school-  the standard is high, we have good teachers as well as obedient and kind students. My school has always been a fun place where I am always smiling. I really love my school.

Talking about my home, it is my safe place. I have my family, who is always there for me, they give me advice on the importance of having good carriage and behavior not only outside but even at home. I have critiques who are always looking for the best in me.

I have many friends but close friend name is Delight Wali. She is not only my best friend but also one of the people who encourages me.


TMG> You also sang during your birthday with AJ Natives. Does that mean you want to be a musician in future or was it just for your birthday?

Mojisola> Yes, I want to be a musician because I really love music and it has always been my dream to be a musician.

TMG> What do you feel about music and when you sing for the first time?

Mojisola> I feel passionate about music. I cannot explain it but it’s different from the way I feel towards anything. I love music with all my heart.


TMG> What motivates you?

Mojisola> Music is the only thing that motivates me, followed by acting, I love to act, you know? These are the two things that make the world go round for me, they are the reason I wake up in the morning smiling.

TMG> What do you feel is the next step in developing your musical talent?

Mojisola> I think it is to write more amazing songs and attend a school for arts where I will concentrate more on my music and acting.


TMG> What is your ultimate career aspiration apart from music? (What do you want to be and why)

Mojisola> Whatever I ever want to do will be art based, so apart from music,I would want to try my hands on acting like I said earlier. 

TMG> Who are your role models and people that inspire you and why?

Mojisola> I have two people who inspire me and are my role models- my parents.Thay have always encouraged me


TMG> If you are a leader today, how would you encourage younger generation and what will you do differently for your country?

Mojisola> I will advise them to follow their dreams and stay focused.

TMG> What makes you laugh and happy?

Mojisola> The key word is MUSIC. It is what gives me joy.





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