I Treat My Customers As Kings, My Assistants As Equals- Abejide Oluwatosin Mercy


Abejide Oluwatosin Mercy is the CEO House of RHEEVO Lagos. As a 500 level Law student of OAU , Ife, Ibadan. She pursued her love for beautfying by becoming a makeup artist. She has three words she lives by, which are Professional, creative, focused.

TMG> What made you choose the path of becoming a beautician?

Abejide> I started initially because of the ASUU strike, then I fell in love with makeup and stuck to it


TMG> What excites you the most about the world of beauty?

Abejide> The act of changing how somebody looks and feels with a few touches of my brush and product. It’s amazing to see a person become more confident and feel more beautiful because of my artistry. That’s the joy really. And that excites and makes me happy.

TMG> What three words would you use to describe yourself while working on a customer?

Abejide> Professional, creative, focused.


TMG> What is your philosophy towards work?

Abejide> My philosophy towards work is: treat every client like they are king, beat every face like you were paid a million dollars to do it. 


TMG> What was your career path apart from this work?

Abejide> I’m a lawyer in the making. So yes, apart from makeup and jewelry, I want to be a lawyer.


TMG> What motivates you most about the business?

Abejide> I’m motivated by the growth of the makeup industry. It’s growing so fast and has a lot of prospects.

TMG> How many employees report to you and how efficient are they? If you are alone how do you manage?

Abejide> I have 2 assistants for now. They are very efficient and good at makeup so I can confidently send them out to do clients faces.


TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

Abejide> Staying educated about new trends is easy. I stay educated by always checking youtube, instagram and google. 


TMG> Tell us about your jewelry business and what makes you mix the two businesses? 

Abejide> My jewelry business started when I discovered that the makeup business was capital intensive and I needed another source of income.


TMG> How do you get your jeweleries? Do you produce them? If not, then how do you get them to sale? 

Abejide> I learned bead making and wire works but I dont produce the jewelry. I buy in bulk from wholesalers and resell

TMG> What are your challenges and how do you intend to handle them?

Abejide> The major challenge I have faced in the course of my business is pricing.

Initially, I was shy and did most of my jobs free of charge. Later, it dawned on me that I had to grow my business and needed money to achieve that(laughs). So I started charging small money. But being in a student environment, everyone wants your excellent service for next to nothing!!!! It’s been a struggle but it’s getting better. Nowadays I don’t even have so many people haggling with me like we’re in the market anymore. Looking at how bad it was, I’m just grateful to God for where i am now. I mean somebody wanted to pay 200 naira for her makeup! And she wasnt joking!

TMG> What makes your work unique than others?

Abejide> I’m always punctual for my makeup jobs and I try to use the best quality of products for my clients. I also make sure I sell unique and quality jewelry to my customers


TMG> Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?

Abejide> So far the accomplishment I’m most proud of is winning the female entrepreneur of the year in my department.


TMG> Tell us about your management style and how you handle your Customers?

Abejide> I don’t really have a “management style” I will just deal with everyone honestly, treat my customers as kings, treat my assistants as equals and pray to God regularly for favour and wisdom

TMG> Tell us something you would like to learn or improve upon as a Beautician?

Abejide> I would love to learn prosthetics and improve on body painting. I pray God provides soon


TMG> What way can you encourage other youths to be self dependent?

Abejide> To be self dependent is not easy. But its worth it. You become more responsible in your spending and you will be wiser when you begin to work for your own money. So my advice is, find something you’re good at, monetize it , save and spend wisely. You don’t have to start a business, you can also work under somebody to garner experience.


TMG> What do you do with your free time?

Abejide> I sleep, read novels or inspirational books and watch movies


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