What Simi Felt About Her Mother’s Remarrying

Singer Simi is the Chief bridesmaid as her mom marries for the 2nd time


After playing the role of chief bridesmaid to her mother, Simi has finally revealed how she felt about her mum’s decision to remarry.

The ‘Joromi’ singer expressed excitement at the fact that her mother found love again after her father passed away in 2014.

Simi made this known during a recent interview with Punch’s Saturday Beats.

She said, “I am very happy for my mother and her marriage, I am happy she has found love and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

“Slowly and gradually, her mother is becoming a sensation online as most of her Instagram posts go viral mostly because she makes them hilarious.”

Simi also disclosed to Saturday Beats that she was responsible for opening the account a long time ago.

But she obviously never thought her mother would become a viral sensation.

“I was the one that created an Instagram account for my mother but I did it to canvass for votes for a particular project at the time. She never used it after that and she never really had the password, so I do not know how she got a hold of the account.

Simi’s Mum

“My mother is a very funny person and the life of every party. I have always known this about her but everyone around me is just noticing that about her.

“Most times, I don’t see her posts on time so my friends would call my attention to something she must have posted.

“I feel it is cool that everyone is seeing that side of her. My mum has always been active on Facebook, so I am not surprised that she is now active on Instagram. She is a very funny person.”

Simi’s response during the interview shows a fact very few could possibly miss. The singer is very fond of her mother and the feeling must be mutual.

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