Baking Offers A Chance To Show Your Creative Side- Fatima Yusuf Noma

I Don't Have Problems Coping With Other Responsibilities As An Entrepreneur


Fatima Yusuf Noma is a baker from Niger State. She talks to TMG about her aspirations to be one of the best bakers in Nigeria and set up a catering school.

TMG >Tell us about your background and your business..

Fatima> I am a graduate of BA English from one of the renowned universities in the country, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto.
My company name is cake_affairs and it’s located in Minna.


TMG> What got you interested in baking?

Fatima> I believe baking is a chance to show your creative side, self confidence and concentration. Plus I’ve had a passion for baking for a while now but couldn’t get enrolled until now.

TMG> How far have you gone with the business and how successful?

Fatima> Well, it’s not been long that I started baking but so far, so good. Alhamdulillah, is all I can say for now.


TMG> What are the challenges you have experienced in starting up?

Fatima> Concentration, using the right materials and utensils in correct proportions and, of course, following instructions strictly.


TMG> What motivates you most?

Fatima> My main motivation comes from providing excellent service to every customer with whom I come in contact.

TMG: How do you keep smiling even after a hectic day?

Fatima> Smiling after a hectic day is not easy but trust me, whenever I’m done decorating a cake, no matter how tired I am, it makes me happy and I’ll just laugh away the stress.


TMG> What is your ultimate career aspiration?

Fatima> My ultimate career aspiration is to be one of the best bakers in Nigeria and of course, set up a company and a catering school.


TMG: How do you cope with other responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

Fatima> Baking has become a part of me just like my daily chores so coping with other responsibilities as an entrepreneur is quite easy.

TMG> How do you handle people/customers?

Fatima> As an entrepreneur, I need to be customer oriented, so in that case, I treat them with love and respect like people I’ve known before, like family. I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS

TMG> Who are your role models and people that inspire you?

Fatima> My role models and people that inspire me to mention but few are cake_velvet_kd, ymaxx_cakes, bakingbeeng and of course, bakingbites.


TMG> Do you have any regrets?

Fatima> No, I don’t have any regrets even though I’m just starting and I’m not hoping to have any in the future.


TMG> If you had a white collar job today, would you give up your baking business?

Fatima> No, I wouldn’t give up my baking business because baking is something I have a passion for like i said earlier- it’s now a part of me.

TMG> How would you advise youths to be self- reliant?

Fatima> My advice to youths is to never give up and always follow your dreams. You don’t need much to start up a business; always remember that “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”.


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