Emergence Of A Forward Thinking Leader; Ahmed Yahaya Alhassan


Ahmed Yahaya Alhassan; AYA -The Man, the Aspirant and TEAM player, aspires to be a Senator that will be an active member of the 9th Senate on the platform of the Action Democratic Party(ADP) come 2019.

Born in Kaduna State on 3rd October, 1966 to the family of His Excellency, Ambassador (Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary) Yahaya Alhassan Ebbo and Hajiya Khadija Ibrahim Kuchi, both from Lapai Local government area of Niger State.

AYA’s desires at all times is to impact positive experiences to the development of individuals, companies and organisations, and he always has a strong love for his constituency.

Over the years, he has developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which has allowed him to create and maintain effective working relationships with people at all levels. He has travelled the country and the world extensively. His objective is to continue to secure portfolios of responsibility, while actively participating and contributing to the development of the constituency, State, organisations and people.

Questions To AYA

TMG> why do you want to be senator representing Niger South?

AYA> My desire is to build a modern 21st century compliant, investment attractive constituency for Niger South Zone A Senatorial District of Niger state.

I do not think, immodestly, that given the important answers that we will provide to your important questions, that in February 2019, as a very well-qualified Senatorial aspirant who has participated in teaching, youth empowerment, rural electrification, guidance counselling, project management, community interaction and awareness creation, as well as financial consultancy and Information and communication technology, that I know of anybody else who has been doing the combination of these things so continuously who is ready to step up to provide qualitative leadership like me, Ahmed Yahaya Alhassan – A.Y.A. The ‘I’ ends here and becomes ‘We’.

We believe in my constituency as a team and will build this team with those that we interact with on a daily basis, those that we only see every few weeks and even those that support our team’s missions. While relationships are important in many aspects of our lives, they are especially key in propagating the development of a constituency. We have the strongest conviction that building relationships first and foremost, then a team and as such establishing trust is the key ingredient of my drive to serve.
We share in the aspirations of people of my constituency who desire qualitative representations and development geared leadership and this and most of what we have highlighted through your questions below will convince you on why my people want me to be their Senator. It is a desire from the people and it is about WE rather than I.


TMG> What difference do you want to make compared to others? 

AYA> Remarkably, Senator Zaynab Abdulkadir Kure is a role model for any senator to emulate. Many distinguished men and women of Niger South Zone A have been senators in the past and have impacted on the constituency in one way or the other; I will build on these established foundations but with an exciting twist, I will provide a Great First Impression to show people that development is in their hands and also that the benefits of development can be harnessed for all the constituents;

We will be a Good Listener and through this, when the team spirit is developed, the when, where and how we are going to listen to our constituents becomes easier. We have many channels from this, which includes person to person as well as online and in social media. People want to be heard when they are talking, but more importantly, they want to know that we were listening as they were speaking.

We will never be too far away from our people, we will Keep in Touch, constituents enjoy receiving a report on how things are going, or the results of the development since after the last campaign and where we are headed, we will make sure we keep everyone in the loop about the status of the constituency under my watch.

My constituents have in me one very key strength; Telling the Truth we will communicate with them and all stakeholders truthfully and we expect the same from them. We will eschew transparency in our communications by telling them exactly how they can be helped, what we need and also be sure to let them know how we can serve them.

We will encourage the Exchange of Great Stories and develop a new connection and deepen relationships. We need to encourage our constituents to share their stories with us and build confidence and trust and gain development through this.


TMG> What political party are you coming out from and why that party?

AYA> There are so many political parties in Nigeria today, each in its state of development and evolution. The Nigerian people desire qualitative leadership at all levels. So far, the general view is that the parties that have been tried and tested are still found wanting.

Most are usually being incumbered by the scope of the manifestoes, while some find it difficult to implement such. Inadvertently, they all mean well. Change we know is the only thing that is constant and the people desire a tool, an engine, an instrument that will provide them with the greatest development while securing their wellbeing and general welfare.

In my search for a political party, I looked at the experiences that I have garnered over several decades of services to Nigeria and to the world and realized that the party that appealed to my conscience has as its main development plans a relationship to the experiences I have.

Provision of constant power supply; empowerment of youth; guarantees infrastructural development; build a better future and a better Nigeria. A party whose Mission is to provide Responsive leadership that is transparent and accountable to the people and a Vision to Secure, Stable and Egalitarian Nigeria where Democracy and Rule of Law Reign.
Relating to the above, I have been involved in youth empowerment, rural electrification and infrastructural development.

I am a sucker for egalitarian rule as well as rule of law and discipline. I like what is right and deter anything opposite to this. As such, my love and choice of the One Destiny Action Forward platform, the Action Democratic Party – ADP. Action Democratic Party.

#TheCredibleAlternative Nigeria must rise again and live up to the true meaning of its creed. As the giant of Africa Nigeria must move beyond the current political quagmire of today. To reenergize the polity, rekindle hope for economic Great Leap Forward and trust in a peaceful, prosperous and strong nation, a giant mega new political party, The Action Democratic Party of Nigeria – ADP.

As our party the ADP so is AYA; essentially, he will deliver to the generality of his constituency the economic dividends of citizen and natural rights, in composite and inclusive fashion. A vision of One Destiny for all.


TMG> Youths are always call ‘future leaders’ but they haven’t been giving any opportunity to take over the leadership of this country, what would you do in this aspect when you become a senator?

AYA> In our journey through the Senate, we should have in mind that the position, just like life is temporary and will not last forever, as such any smart leader or constituency should think about grooming future leaders at all levels. We will build a Team of future leaders, a selection that will be done using grassroots volunteers whom we will train and expose to leadership skills, while they plan and promote their communities.

They will eventually engage policy makers and stakeholders in sustainable development issues; they will develop strategies for community development, plan and secure policy changes to secure investments for the general well-being of Niger South Senatorial district which we aspire to be its Senator.

Hope for a better tomorrow is the best mind elevating medicine you can give to a hopeless youth, they have been shoved aside, pulled in different directions, converted to thugs, used and misused and have not been shown the best way to get out of this situation since the great Youth Empowerment Scheme days, there will be a revival of the spirit of youth development using the principals of Project YES. Indeed, our coming will be a happy time for youth development.


TMG> Niger state is left behind in so many ways, when you become a Senator, what will you do differently to bring progress?

AYA> Hard work, hard work and more hard work for us, the youth and people of the constituents. It is said that after hard work comes ease. We shall guarantee that the ease is near.

I quote a saying by Menachem Mendel Schneerson “When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.”

With our slogan BUILD A TEAM – BUILD TRUST

We will bring people together as a team so we do not waste opportunities and resources and keep doing the wrong things when we know better. Together we will take a critical look at assessing the problems. We will have a productive conversation with the team (constituents) and find a tailor-made direction and solutions. There is a world of opportunity out there for people in my constituency, state and Nigeria.

We will modernize farming process for each product value chain and provide access to improved irrigation. Niger South Senatorial District where you predominantly find Nupe speaking people amongst other great constituents, are agrarian farmers who farm staple crops such as millet, guinea-corn, yams, rice, and groundnuts, as well as Cassava, maize, fishing and sweet potatoes.

We will enhance and modernize the system of local transportation to support Commercial Activities. Every Nupe town or village has a market and regular market days. Markets are held either once a week or every five days to accommodate the needs of each area. Every kind of trade and craft is represented in the markets, including agricultural produce, foodstuffs, livestock, pots, and tools, along with products and services of tailors, leather workers, barbers, and butchers.

We will build upon the successes of Industrial Arts. The traditional industries, especially guild-organized crafts in which membership is largely hereditary, are done by men. These trades include blacksmithing, brass and silver smithing, glassmaking, weaving, beadwork, building, woodcarving, and carpentry. Nupe brass smiths (tswata muku) are found mostly in Bida. The woodcarving tradition of the Nupe does not depend on the ceremonial or ritual use of artifacts but is almost entirely “art for art’s sake.”

We will explore modernization and enhance Trade, establish Agri based Financial Cooperatives. Nupeland is an important market center on trade routes. Exports rice, kola nuts, smoked fish, palm kernels, shea nuts, shea butter, groundnuts, and craft items to other parts of Nigeria and imports palm oil, salt, southern kola nuts, and livestock.

Improvements and establishments directed to;
• Women and Youth empowerment and Job Creation, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture improvement and development programmes.
• Community Security, Conflict Resolution, Constituency Unity, Social Harmony.
• Agriculture and Food Security for the constituency
• Constituency Industrialization programmes
• Infrastructure development
• Baro port development opportunities
• Power, Energy and expanded Rural Electrification
• Education development; repairs to schools; provision of educational materials.
• Senior Citizens; be a vanguard to bring them their rights and improve their health
• Environment and ecological programmes.
• Foreign Policy – To have Niger South recognized nationally and internationally.
• Better relationships with our Royal Fathers and their appointees.
• Conflict resolution


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