Paying Keen Attention To What My Clients Want Is Key- Murjanatu Gaddafee Rabiu


Rabiu Murjanatu Gaddafee is a fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Janah Clothing in Abuja that produce modest, elegant and classy clothes. 

TMG> Tell us about yourself:

Murjanatu> I’m from Nasarawa state. I started school at Our Lady’s Hope Nursery and primary school, then to Government Secondary School Gwarimpa and finally, Open University Abuja. My place of business is Abuja, Nigeria but we do deliveries to other states.


TMG> How did you become a fashion designer? 

Murjanatu> I grew up knowing how to make dresses because my elder brother owned a fashion store before he passed away. I developed the interest after seeing how he made people look and feel beautiful in what they wore. 

TMG> What excites you the most about the world of fashion?

Murjanatu> The fact that it keeps growing beautifully and designers are becoming great artists.


TMG> What makes you happy as a designer?

Murjanatu> It makes me very happy to see people fall in love with and feel confident & comfortable in what they wear and also because I am fortunate enough to do what I have a passion for.


TMG> What three words would you use to describe yourself while you produce unique clothes? 

Murjanatu>  Modest, elegant & classy.

TMG> What motivates you most about the business?

Murjanatu> My late brother, since he was my role model, thinking of how proud he’d be if he was here keeps me motivated. My older sister is a true definition of a hardworking woman, the most hardworking and selfless woman I know. She is a very beautiful designer as well, so she motivates me to do even better, she is my role model. Truth be told, I don’t know where I’d be today without her support.


TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

Murjanatu> I make researches mostly, I try to create new designs very often and look into what the celebrity designers do. It helps me improve my skills and enables me do even better.

TMG> What are your challenges and how do you intend to handle them?

Murjanatu> I work from home and it’s not convenient enough. I want to be able to showcase my designs which I’m not able to for now, so I’m working on opening a Fashion store very soon in Sha Allah.


TMG> What makes your business more unique than others?

Murjanatu> I do not make the regular dresses, I try to stand out and add little more spice to my designs but most of all, I make my designs really simple and classy and at the same time, meet the expectations of my clients. My design has a signature and that is “Simplicity”.

TMG> Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career?

Murjanatu> I would say that so far I’ve not had a client who complained badly about an outfit I made, that way, I get a lot of referrals. So for me, that is an accomplishment.


TMG> Tell us about your management style and how you handle your Customers?

Murjanatu> I pay very keen attention to what my clients want so as to give them the exact detailing (on their outfits) as they desire.


TMG> Tell us something you would like to learn or improve upon as a designer? 

Murjanatu> Sketch. I want to learn more on sketches.

TMG> What way can you encourage other youths that are interested in your kind of business? 

Murjanatu> I’ll tell them to believe in themselves and start with the little capital they can come up with. As I started mine with very little or no capital at all.


TMG> What do you do with your free time?

Murjanatu> Travel. I love traveling


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