I Never Compromise On Quality – Hadiza Yaman Abdulkadir

My Customers Have Never Experienced Disappointment... 


Hadiza Yaman Abdulkadir, graduate of Business Administration from the University of Abuja and CEO, Cravings and Bites shares insights with TMG about baking and pastry making, an industry that keeps growing.

 TMG> Tell us about yourself>

Hadiza> I was born into the family of Engr. Yaman.S.Nupe. I am the first out of four children. 


TMG> What is your business called and why did you choose to go into it?

Hadiza> The business name is Cravings and Bites. I have always been passionate about baking and cooking since childhood, therefore I was eager to explore any business in the kitchen.


TMG> Were you working before starting the business?

Hadiza> I have always been an entrepreneur since my university days, and diverted to baking after my service year. I still do a bit of buying and selling on a low scale but I majorly concentrate on my pastry business because of high demands from customers.

TMG> Did you go to culinary school? Which one and what credentials did you earn through the classes? If not, then where and how were you trained?

Hadiza> I attended a four-day training on cake baking and sugar craft at a neighbor’s house since I already had some experience from home.


TMG> How did you start the business- big or small? How were you able to raise the capital?

Hadiza> It all started in 2012, when I baked and sugar crafted my son’s seventh birthday cake. It was actually small because it was home based. Eventually, I took money from my other businesses to fund my new passion which was baking.


TMG> Are what you envisioned about your business the way you expected it to be?

Hadiza> I have always wanted to be at the top of my game in baking  the best cakes. I am very confident that I have achieved my goal.

TMG> Who is your target audience?

Hadiza> I am open to all irrespective of age, religion, sex or  race in as much as the person has an eye for good cake.


TMG> How many employees report to you?

Hadiza> I have 2 permanent staff and 3 contract staff at the moment.


TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

Hadiza> I am up to date with latest designs on social media and other platforms like cake groups to see what’s trending. I also experiment with recipes on my own and come up with creative designs I think will be appealing to my customers.

TMG> What were your challenges when you began and how were you able to handle them? Do you still face those challenges now?

Hadiza> My challenge was icing a cake but the training I received changed my story.

Non availability of tools and getting skilled staff to handle sugar crafting perfectly are other challenges.


TMG> What do you do to ensure the quality of the food going out to customers?

Hadiza> I always follow world’s best practices and never compromise on the quality of cakes I bake.

TMG> How do you get customers’ feedback& what do you do with such information?

Hadiza> It is a common practice to send pictures of cakes to customers after baking. Most times, they are wowed by just seeing the pictures. Follow up calls are made to hear feedback from customers and I am glad it is usually positive.


TMG> Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career.

Hadiza>  I have made great cakes; I play around with recipes and finally arrive at a desired result, which has made my recipes outstanding.


TMG> Tell us about your management style and how you handle your Customers?

Hadiza> I try to get the sample designs sent to me and tweak it a bit to give it a better design. I hardly compromise standards and this has raised my rank in the eyes of my customers. I’m prompt in delivering and my customers have never experienced disappointment.


TMG> Tell us something you would like to learn or improve on?

Hadiza> No one knows it all. I am open to new ideas in the cake world. 


TMG> Who is/are your role models?

Hadiza> My Mother

TMG> What advice would you give anyone starting this or any other kind of business?

Hadiza> Hard work pays. Patience is a key ingredient to success.


TMG> What other aspects of baking business do you explore?

Hadiza> We have baking classes for kids where we have trained over 50 children as junior chefs.


TMG> What way can you encourage  youths not to depend on government for jobs?

Hadiza> I will encourage them to “Be the change you want to see”.


TMG> Do you have time to socialise and how do you juggle your work and the home?

Hadiza> I make out time to socialize, since my family and friends are very dear to me.

TMG> What are your Hobbies?

Hadiza> Cooking, Shopping and hosting guests.

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