Rally Round Hon. Bahago As Your Next Governor Now


It’s election season and that means campaigns are expected to be openly truthful and honest as people vie for elected offices around the states.

But would the perfect successor to Governor Ahmed Abdul Fatah of Kwara State be someone with ideological purity or someone who has a great chance at winning? Someone who has had economic success or someone who’s never been wealthy? Someone who relies on their religious views to guide policy or someone who believes religion should have no place in government?

Therefore, people of Kwara State need to put themselves together and have confidence that Hon Aliyu Bahago Ahman Pategi has a chance at winning the primaries and final governorship election, if they rally round and give him all the support as a candidate who has achieved more than his equals in Kwara politics.

It’s been said that “Charity begins at home” and that should be the Theme for people to promote and support Hon. Aliyu as a man of good will and principles to turn around Kwara after Governor Ahmed Abdul Fatah leaves office.

Hon Aliyu is not someone who is given to making noise but rather a man who has focus and determination to see people in his state are not left behind in so many aspects of development. Taking from example of the basic infrastructures he has taken to his constituency compared to some politicians also vying for the same position as the state’s number one citizen.

However, there are three statements generated which could work in his favour and fetch wide-reaching support by people. These are;

· Some Kwaran’s will say they would like a candidate who has been in the public eye as a political leader for many years over one who is new to the political scene.

· Others will say they prefer a candidate with legislative experience over one who has worked as an executive.

· And some will say they want a successor that would change most of the policies enacted by past administrations for better ideas; someone who is business-oriented.

As Bahago supporters, Kwarans will be interested in politics that could consider these three criteria above on electing their next leader. It may be how Hon. Aliyu Bahago is depicted. If you don’t know him, search for people who are happy to identify themselves with him, especially leaders considered to be political fathers and king makers in the state’s politics.

Digging further on the type of experience voters would like to see as a governorship contender, Kwara people will broadly prefer a candidate with more experience as a legislator, either in business or in government, with strong leadership skills and a candidate who has had to bring about development to people.

In spite of that, many articles and writeups were written on Hon Bahago that showcase his achievement and his political identity as a son of the soil. Dr Aliyu Bahago is a politician that everyone would like to work and identify with due to the following characteristics; he is a loyalist, truthful, humble and a politician with sincerity of purpose.

The political limelight in Kwara has a long history in the minds of Kwarans that the legacy of Hon Ahman Patigi’s mentors, especially that of his late Father, can never be over emphasized. This background, which the majority,
irrespective of age and education lines will say they will prefer someone like him. Someone who is well disciplined and has been in the public eye as a political leader for many years with legislative and business experience.

Dear Kwarans, Hon. Bahago Ahman is out to uplift the state to greater heights and he has been blessed by the royal fathers and political mentors in the state (i.e. President of the Senate A. Bukola Saraki). They believe in Hon. Pategi due to the following reasons below;

-He has legislative experience to run the state and efficiently has more theoretical knowledge than some politicians.

-He also has executive experience as CEO of so many companies; because running state government successfully requires an understanding of the particular partnerships that are necessary to get things done in Kwara State.

-He has a record of standing up for people, because the economic times in which we find ourselves are pitting hardworking people against predators who threaten their homes, their investments, and their credit.

-He understands the crossroads at which Kwara people find themselves — caught between our past as an agricultural state, he will turn it around to become a manufacturing state, by expanding those sectors into so many departments. i.e. plant science, new medical technologies, stem cell research, and alternative energies.

-He would be a strong proponent of education, agriculture and technology, with a record of supporting the younger generation rather than politics alone.

As you may surmise, this is an introduction of the next governor of Kwara State, Hon. Dr Aliyu Bahago Ahman Pategi.

By God’s Grace!

Therefore, this is a call for all Kwarans, home and abroad, to rally round Hon. Bahago and vote Wisely.

Hon Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi For Kwara Governor

Vote Bahago As Your Next Governor


By, CEO Of TakeMyGist.com

Ahman Makama.



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