The Man Who Impacts On So Many Others



By Idris Zaguru

Having known Saidu Musa Abdullahi A K A Lapai for over 3 decades, I would say categorically that Lapai is an epitome of quality and effective leadership.

Whenever it comes to human relations, high competence, oral and written communication skills, problem solving ability, vision, integrity, positive vibe, character, effective team leading and the ability to make things happen, I repeat without any fear of contradiction that no other name comes to my mind than this intelligent, charismatic, composed and determined gentleman.

However, Lapai popularly known by all is an indigene of bida local government area of Niger state and a graduate of Economics with 2:1( second class upper division) from the largest university in sub Saharan- Africa and the second largest university on the African continent, the premier Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He has a Master’s degree in development studies with a credit from Bayero University Kano.

Saidu is a very active man in all ramifications. Outside the field of work, he has a lot of unique qualities. Being around him has made me understand the value of respecting people, particularly elders.

He is a man that believes in having a fair and equal treatment to everyone. To him, people are not valued in terms of the wealth they acquire, or position they occupy in the society. He feels that whoever you meet in life has a value and even if that person does not know what he or she is capable of doing, it becomes saidu’s duty to make them realize their potentials. He brings out the best in them.

Take it or leave it, saidu is a man that derives joy in solving other people’s problem’s. He dine’s and wine’s with everyone on the same table because of his perception of equality to all.

He is a philanthropist and a cheerful giver because he has a larger than heart. He loves and cherishes the society and the people around him.

The management of people is the least of his problem because he has a vast experience in human resource management and organizational behavior.

However, having worked in several private organizations and sectors, from banking industry, oil and gas industry and currently managing a construction company in Kano, you will agree with me that he has the requisite experience and network to take him to greater heights.

He is a loving family man. He loves his family and has done a good job by touching the lives of so many in his extended family and beyond. He is of impeccable character and credentials for the job of representing Bida, Katcha, Gbako, at the green chamber.

The job requires a focused, dedicated, generous, and considerate person. Our people need a person that is innovative, change driven, determined and loving.

Saidu is a more reasonable character to represent his people, protect their interest and defend their democratic rights.

SMA is the man for the job

Idris Zaguru Writes ….

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