Nigerian-born American Star Yvonne, Proud To Be 33year-old Virgin 

Yvonne Orji, the sex-drunk character Molly in HBO series Insecure, is proud to be a 33-year-old virgin, even though she is currently playing the sexy role.

The Port Harcourt-born star said she is keeping herself for her husband.

“She is keeping it locked.

“I wasn’t going to hide it just because I’m on TV,” the Nigerian star told People. “I’m grounded in who I am.”

And to show just how much she is dedicated to keeping her virginity, she created a clothing line to promote abstinence. “I have a clothing company called Rock Your Stance, and we sell shirts that say ‘Keeping it locked till I get that rock’,” she said, adding, “Entertainment chose me. Before any of this happened, I sat down with myself and with God. I said, ‘I know why I’m here. It’s to make you proud.’”

Yvonne Orji went further to speak about her career as an actress, adding that her parents, like most Nigerian parents, wanted her to be a doctor.

“It sounded noble,” she said. “But then I took organic chemistry and I was like, ‘Well, maybe not.’ I ended up getting my master’s degree in public health and then working in war-torn Liberia to stall from crushing my parents’ hopes and dreams.”

She continued, “’It would take me eight years to become a doctor, but give me eight years to make it in entertainment,’” she recalled telling her family. “And I’m happy to say, I did it in seven!”

She did it, and is promoting abstinence until marriage.

Her belief has invoked social media comments with spurious comments on twitters.

Morqos‏ said: “ Why do people think Yvonne Orji is lying about her virginity? That’s such a stupid thing to lie about.”

Morgan‏ said “Yvonn Orji has said she’s a virgin like 100 times and y’all are just now finding out today and making a big deal about it.”

“Yvonne Orji is goals mate. Not because she’s a virgin but because she’s unashamed to speak about it & link it to her faith in this day & age,” says king woman, in her tweet.

Orji emigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria at age 6. “It was the traditional immigrant story of my parents wanting the best for us and bringing us here,” she says. But life in Maryland wasn’t always easy.

“I was bullied because I have this thick Nigerian accent,” she recalls. “My mom would say, ‘We didn’t come to America for you to be popular.’ Which is fair, but as a kid, you’re just like, it would be really nice to have this thing that everyone else has.”

Later, after graduating with a master’s degree in public health from George Washington University, Orji says she shocked her family (who had always hoped she’d be a doctor), by announcing she wanted to move to New York to pursue stand-up comedy.

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Fashion Business Is Very Challenging But Rewarding – Highcourt Udensi

Highcourt A. Udensi is an Electrical Engineer turned fashion entrepreneur and MD of Hicut Taylor in Lagos State. He tells TMG how it all started. 

 Hicut Taylor

TMG> How did you go from Engineering to Tailoring?

Highcourt> My motivation came from my background. I grew up watching my father who was a tailor. So watching him cut materials and sewing it to become an outfit really motivated me.


TMG> Does it mean you have dropped your discipline from school and gone full-time into clothes making?

 Highcourt> Yes, because I have always known in my mind that I would become a fashion designer.


TMG> Are you encouraging and creating job opportunities for other youths?

Highcourt> Yes, I am and in two years’ time, I see myself having over 50 people working with me(by the grace of God Almighty). I love being an originator- soon we are going to be involved in everything about fashion- what I mean is, we won’t only be producing clothes but selling accessories like shoes and many more. This is so that once you walk into our shop, you get to buy whatever you need in fashion. This will also create more jobs.

 Hicut Taylor

TMG> How many employees report to you and how efficient are they?

Highcourt> I have like 20 employees but still have extras that I pay as they work. I also have some in other states like Abuja and Enugu. They are all very very effecient.


TMG> Give us an example of someone you have trained or mentored. Where did they start and where are they now?

Highcourt> I have trained so many and many more are still in process. I’m always happy to see them doing very well in the industry and still looking forward to train many more.

TMG> Tell us how you get your materials and what is the process of putting them together to have the products you need for your customers?

Highcourt> First, I picture what I want to sew before I get the materials from the market. Then I come back to the drawing table, spread it out, cut according to design and put them together to have what the customer asked for. It is not easy but with the grace of God, we always make it beautiful.

TMG> How fast do your products get to the people in terms of Production, Marketing and distribution?

Highcourt> We try as much as we can to be prompt. We deliver in five (working) days from the day payment is made.

Hicut Taylor

TMG> Where and how were you trained? Did you go to any professional school to learn the skills and what credentials did you earn through the program?

Highcourt> I didn’t attend any professional courses: It’s what I was trained for by my father that I implement with a few upgrades from time to time, so that we keep up with new trends in fashion.

TMG> In case of problems, do you seek help from another professional?

Highcourt> Yes, but it depends on the kind of problem at the moment; I do seek for solution from other professionals but mostly I try to sort it out with my workers.

TMG> What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

Highcourt> I am always on the internet to be updated and interact with friends and customers.

TMG> What are your challenges and how do you intend to handle them?

Highcourt> I must tell you this fashion business is very challenging: like satisfying your customers and many more but in all, we come out victorious. Because you must be calm and patient with customers.

TMG> Tell us about your management style and how you handle your Customers?

Highcourt> I always manage my business with much love, making sure anyone around me is happy. By so doing, I always have good results and my customers are more like my friends – I make sure they are happy by giving them what they want.

TMG> Tell us 3 things that you consider to be your strengths in this business?

Highcourt> First, my wife- she is always supportive and always encouraging me to keep pushing;
Next, my belief that I must be one of the best fashion designers in Nigeria that will stand out. Lastly the passion I have for fashion.

TMG> How do you manage costs? If your labour is running high with low profit, what measures do you take to control it?

Highcourt> I am always careful when it comes to how I manage costs. I make sure I offset all the jobs at hand before making unnecessary expenses. Yes, sometimes we experience it but with more jobs coming in, we cover up with it. Note that every business has a loss sometimes.

TMG> How do you manage risks in terms of damages or losses?

Highcourt> We are always careful about that but if it happens, I fix it at once. I believe fashion needs to be paid very close attention to avoid mistakes.

TMG> What way can you encourage others to be self-dependent?

Highcourt> I am an Engineer by profession but here I am now as a Tailor. Yes, education helped me a lot but there’s a question I used to ask myself back in school- “Who created what we call ‘white man’s job’ like bank jobs and others?” People like you and I, with the only difference being a BOLD MIND. Many are afraid of the journey because it is not always a sweet or smooth one but at the end, it must end in praise. So I encourage my fellow youth to start doing that which gives you joy, what is your passion. Once you call it a job it must start paying your bills and keep you happy. Let us all help ourselves and create more jobs instead of seeking for employment from one door to another.

TMG> Do you have time to unwind and when?

Highcourt> Yes. I’m a fun-loving person, so anytime I am free, I like to have a good time.


R Kelly In Another Sex Scandal

R Kelly has been accused of holding six women in an abusive sex cult.

The claims, which the 50-year-old star denies, have been made by three of his ex-employees and the parents of his alleged victims.

Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee, who worked for Kelly, claim the six women, aged 18 to 31, live in homes rented by him around Chicago and Atlanta.

Mack, Jones and McGee allege Kelly “controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep”.

They also allege that Kelly controlled the women’s “sexual encounters that he records and then shows to male friends”.

Mack, who was Kelly’s assistant, said the singer, who had a No1 in 1997 with I Believe I Can Fly, was “a master at mind control” and “a puppet master”.

One family, from Georgia, told police their daughter was being held in a “cult” by “abusive” and “controlling” Kelly.

The mother of the woman said her daughter “looked like a prisoner”, seeming “brainwashed”.

But when police tracked her down, the woman said she was “fine and did not want to be bothered with her parents”.

Kelly’s lawyer Linda Mensch said: “We can only wonder why folks would persist in defaming a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all of the people.”

Kelly was acquitted in 2008 on 14 charges of child pornography.

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Dancing Competition: K-Night Africa, Crew-10 Win 2017 Korea Pop Competition

K-Night Africa’ and ‘Crew 10’ Dance Groups on Sunday in Abuja emerged winners of the 2017 Korean Pop (K-POP) Dance Competition in the adult and student categories respectively.

They beat 12 other contestants to clinch the first prizes of N300,000 and N200,000, respectively.

K-Night African from Warri would also represent Nigeria at the 2017 World K-POP Dance Competition in Seoul, South Korea later in the year.

In the adult category, Fragiles Dance Crew from Port Harcourt, and 360 Dance Crew from Umahia, emerged second and third runners up respectively.

While Fragiles Dance Crew was given the prize of N 200,000, 360 Dance Crew was given N100,000.

In the student category, Amity Peak Concept and NGIS K-Popian Junior, all from Lugbe in the FCT emerged second and third runners up respectively.

Amity got N100,000 while NGIS got N70,000.

Speaking earlier the Ambassador of Republic of South Korea to Nigeria, Noh Kyu-duk said Nigeria was blessed with talented dancers.

“Young Nigerians have time to prove to the world in Korea that they have what it takes to win at the world stage of dance.

“The Supreme Task Dance Group from Nigeria won the “Best Performing Dance Group at the 2016 World K-POP festival in Korea.

“So far, five different dance team from Nigeria have done the country proud. This should be an inspiration for other young Nigerians.”

Also, speaking the Director-General of National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe commended the Korean and embassy for doing a lot to enhance the level of cultural relationship with Nigeria.

Healso commended the centre for giving young Nigerians the opportunity to showcase their talents. (NAN)

In S/Africa My Music Is accepted – Fakia Lafarge

A Nigerian Hip Pop artiste, “Fakia Lafarge’’, says he is working hard to break into the South African music scene.

The musician, born Ifeanyi Nwadiulu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Pretoria, South Africa, that his brand of music was accepted in that country.

Nigerian musician, “Fakia Lafarge” born Ifeanyi Nwadiulu currently based in South Africa.

“My kind of music is hip hop, afro-pop and hip life,’’ said Fakia Lafarge, a native of Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra.

“ I have recorded 20 songs in four Compact Discs (CDs) and I have more in the making.

“In South Africa, my music is accepted. I have been invited to perform in different shows and the fans appreciate me on stage.’’

Nwadiulu said that his ambition was to break into the South African music scene and be Nigeria’s music ambassador in that country.

“I do original music by creating my own trend. I want to create music similar to great Nigerians like Fela, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezar Obey and Chief Osita Osadebe.

“If you listen to their music, you will see a big difference. Their music is original. When you listen to their songs, the lyrics carry messages that are everlasting.

“ My ambition is to create their kind of music,’’ he told NAN.

Nwadiulu urged Nigerians resident in South Africa to promote his music by inviting him to perform at their events and occasions.

The musician urged young Nigerian artistes to avoid copying works done by others.

“Be original because it will speak for you. When you copy, people will tag you with it and it does not speak well for a young musician,’’ he said.

Nwadiulu said he made his debut in 2009 when he released his first single titled “Fakia Lowa’’ in Nigeria.

“ That single transformed my name stage name from “Genius CP’’ to Fakia Large because of the popularity of its video,’’ he said.

Nigerians just like peoples across the globe savour good, hilarious and philosophical music to entertain themselves and so are South Africans.

From the 1960s, Nigerians have embraced music by South Africans, especially those by the “Mama Africa’’ and “Empress of African Music’’, Miriam Makeba’’ thus promoting cross-cultural heritages.

Born in Johannesburg in 1932, Makeba released The Click Song “Miriam Makeba’’ in 1960 and from then made many albums, including “Malaika’’ in 1972, “Pata Pata’’, “African Sunset’’ and “Soweto Blues’’ in 1989.

The late Empress of African Music, Miriam Makeba on stage.

She produced many other songs in her native South African language but all were enjoyed across the globe and before her death in 2008, she had visited Nigeria on music tour severally.

Equally, Nigerian music was appreciated in South Africa, especially during the Apartheid regime when Sonny Okosun, best known as the leader of the Ozzidi band, unleashed songs like “Fire In Soweto’’.

Others include “Chant of the slaves, let my people go’’ and “Power to the People’’ in support of the fight against apartheid.

He named his band Ozzidi after a renowned Ijaw river god in Nigeria, but to Okosun the meaning was “there is a message’’.

Before his death in 2008, he had many gospel songs, including “Who is like Unto Thee’’ and “Jesus King of Kings’’.

Other Nigerian musicians that used their works in the fight against apartheid include the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and gospel artistes.


Toyin Abraham, Attoh Feature In The New Movie, The In-Laws

‘The In-Laws’ movie, the new romantic comedy featuring star actors such as Toyin Abraham, Chris Attoh, Dele Odule, Binta Ayo Mogaji, Charles Inojie, Ngozi Nwosu, Woli Arole and others, will hit the screen from 14 July.

The movie which tells a tale of Love versus family was directed by Charles Uwagbai and produced by the Bola Oba led Film Service Media, the co-executive producer of Alakada Reloaded.

It follows the story of Tobi Balogun, (Chris Attoh) a 35 year old, naturalist doctor, and son to RTD. Police Sergeant, Abu Balogun, (Dele Odule) is in love, and ready to marry Nancy Okezie, (Toyin Abraham) 30, daughter of Donald Okezie, (Charles Inojie) an old-school Lawyer. However, trouble starts after they secretly get engaged, and introduce each other to their families.

According to the producer of the movie, Mr. Bola Oba, “This movie is about love and family. It is about everyday issues faced by everyday people when it comes to love and family. It is about two families who cannot seem to agree or get along despite the love between their children and their willingness to marry each other. Each of the family had something against the other; the families had an old grudge against each other and they wouldn’t let go even for the sake of their children’s happiness”

“This is a movie that tells our story, so everyone single person can relate and identify with at least one of the characters in the movie. There is also comedy and all the actors brought on their A-game, the audience are sure going to love this”

The In-Laws movie is one movie to watch out for. It will make its cinema debut on the 14th of July 2017.

Kanye, Kim To Pay Surrogate About $113,000 For Third Child

Reality TV host Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have hired a surrogate to carry their third child, according to reports.

Kim was recently told by a doctor that it was too risky for her to carry her own child after a number of complications following her two previous births.

People Magazine and E! News, citing unidentified sources, said the couple had hired a surrogate, and TMZ said they had agreed to pay the surrogate more than $113,000 to carry a child.

“Kim and Kanye will use a surrogate to carry their third baby. They are both very excited to give their kids a sibling,” a source told People.

It was not clear whether the surrogate was already pregnant.

Mirror Celebs has contacted a representative for Kim for comment.

The reality star, 36, has spoken openly about her medical struggles during her pregnancies with daughter North, born in 2013, and son Saint, born in 2015.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim also spoke about considering surrogacy for future children with Kanye.

And the reality gave detailed accounts on her blog about the difficulties she experienced during her two labours, and the TV show has followed her various surgeries and doctor consultations in a bid to resolve them.

“I think I always knew that surrogacy was an option, but I didn’t think it was that realistic of an option, and now I feel like that’s my reality,” Kim said in an April episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The surrogacy reports come after a difficult year for the couple.

Kim was the victim of a robbery in Paris last October, in which millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry was stolen from her.

That led her to boost security measures and to take a temporary pause from public engagements and prolific social media postings.

Late last year, Kanye cancelled a December tour and was hospitalised after an apparent mental health breakdown.

The couple have embraced a more modest social media presence over the past few months, with Kim occasionally posting glimpses into their family life.

On Wednesday, the reality star launched her own solo make-up line, which sold out within hours.


Angola: Luanda World’s Most Expensive City

The Angolan capital Luanda has knocked Hong Kong off the top spot in an annual survey by Mercer Consulting that ranks the cost of living for expatriate workers in world cities.

Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria is ranked 29th and is not even among the top five African cities that are very expensive.

According to Reuters, the survey found the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment suitable for expatriates in Luanda was £4,800 ($6,055) per month, while a fast food hamburger meal priced at £11.50.

It was the second time in three years that Luanda topped the survey, which compares the costs of housing, transport and clothing in 209 cities.

While Luanda rose, all UK cities fell significantly in this year’s rankings which were released on Wednesday, with 30th-ranked London dropping 13 places from 2016.

The survey, conducted by global consulting firm Mercer, suggested that the country’s vote to leave the European Union had played a role in the drop by causing the value of sterling to fall.

For those in the market for a cheaper expatriate experience, the survey found the least expensive cities are Tunis, ranked 209th, followed by Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek and Skopje in Macedonia.

Top 10

1. LUANDA, Angola


3. TOKYO, Japan

4. ZURICH, Switzerland


6. SEOUL, South Korea

7. GENEVA, Switzerland

8. SHANGHAI, China


10. BERN,Switzerland

How Dammy Krane Was Arrested With Fake Credit Cards

Seven fake credit cards were found in the pockets of Dammy Krane on 1 June when he was arrested at Opa-locka Executive Airport in Miami Dade, Florida.

A report in New Miami Times said the police have now slammed a nine count felony charge at Miami Dade’s criminal court for credit card forgery and grand theft against the 23 year-old pop artist, whose real name is Oyindamola Emmanuel Johnson-Hunga.

Dammy Krane’s trouble began after he used a bogus card to book a private jet flight to Washington, D.C., police said. When the police searched him, they found seven false credit cards in his wallet, according to the police report, details of which Miami New Times published today.

Agents from the mobile-phone booking app TapJets had called police, when they found that the first card Dammy Krane tendered was bogus. The jet company told Miami-Dade Police that Krane and a partner, Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, had booked a $10,943 trip on a jet from Opa-locka to Washington, D.C.

Krane lists a permanent U.S. address in Baltimore on the police report, according to the report by Miami New Times.

Two MDPD officers staked out the jet runway until Krane and Ilochonwu showed up. Police searched the pair and found seven cards in Krane’s pants pocket. When authorities checked the cards later, all seven had numbers on the face that didn’t match the numbers on the security strip on the back.

MDPD says Krane used one of those cards to book his flight and then gave TapJet two other fake cards when he was asked for backup cards for the travel.

His co-defendant, Ilochonwu, police soon learned, was out on bond on four other credit card fraud charges.

He’d been arrested in April on felony charges stemming from a case in Miami Beach.

Dammy Krane who is now out on bail has tried to exculpate himself from the arrest mess, blaming “agents” and assuring fans he’s innocent.

“I do not partake in fraud,” Krane says. “I do not partake in such activities. Agents booked my flights with fraudulent cards.”

“My life is all about my music, and that’s what I’m all about,” he says. “I’m sorry I got caught up in this mess.”

The Benue-born Krane rose to fame five years ago on the success of his hit single “My Dear,” He became a major player in the Afropop scene, with a quarter-million followers on Twitter and regular chart-topping hits.