Why Politicians Lie, How They Get Away With It

Why we don’t detect politician’s lies

As a psychologist who has studied deception, I’m more interested in the hows and whys of lies told by political leaders, particularly how and why they think they can get away with it (and why they often do). As a leadership scholar, I’m also interested in the ethical issues surrounding strategies used by leaders. Let’s deal first with why so many lying leaders can get away with it.

We Trust Too Much.

People are notoriously bad at detecting deception. For the most part, people cannot detect everyday lies better than chance (although many think they can). Part of the reason is that we are prone to a “trusting bias” – our default is to believe what others tell us. That’s why con artists are so successful. It is so out of the norm (or so we think) for people to lie to us. Certainly, we are even more trusting of our leaders (unless, of course, we have developed a learned mistrust of them , and many people don’t trust politicians, but the majority still do). So, leaders (and con artists) learn that they can lie and often get away with it.

Audacious Lies.

OK, I don’t have any research evidence to back this up, but I suspect that when we hear really big lies – the “can that really be true?” sort – such as over 90% of Planned Parenthood funding goes to abortions, or this plan will lead to “death panels,” and it comes from a seemingly authoritative source, we say “gosh, it must be true!” (our trusting nature again).

Cognitive Laziness.

When we hear something from a leader, we often don’t (and don’t want to) engage in the mental effort (or actual physical effort of fact checking) to question the assertion. It’s sort of an apathetic, “If the politicians are driving the bus, they must know where they are going.”
How about the ethical leadership issues?

The Ends Justify the Means.

Politicians, and other leaders, often adhere to a poor code of ethics that says the ends justify the means. This is partly responsible for the mudslinging and dirty politicking. “If I make up a lie about my opponent, it’s ok, because if he is elected it will be a disaster.” Sorry. The means, and being ethical, are what is really important. The ends rarely, if ever, justify the means.

So, what to do? As the old 1960s saying goes, “Question authority!” Become informed. Check the facts. Don’t simply believe what a leader says because he or she is in a position of authority and power. It is a good follower’s job to be a reality check on the leader.

It’s sad that it takes a fake-news-anchor-comedian, like Jon Stewart to wake us up to our leaders’ lies.

Culled from psychologytoday.com
By, Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology and former Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College. Professor Riggio is the author of over 100 books, book chapters, and research articles in the areas of leadership, assessment centers, organizational psychology and social psychology.

Battle For My Life: Story Of A SCD Warrior

Emira Ukuta, a 17- year-old Sickle Cell Warrior granted TMG this inspiring interview on what it is like to live with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), how she is fighting it daily and her hopes for the future.

Every year in sub Saharan Africa, more than 300,000 children are born with the sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder affecting the red blood cells. It causes the cells to lose oxygen very easily, turning them from round shapes to crescent shapes that cause painful episodes known as pain crises.

For Emira Ukuta, life is much better now compared to what she has been through since she had the disease. Spinal fractures in two places due to complications of the sickle cell disease had her hospitalised for a long time. She describes that period as a painful and miserable one.
“Upon my discharge from hospital, I was placed on total bed rest for three months. I had to wear a corset, use a wheelchair and missed two years of school. It was a painful and miserable time for me and I hope that no one ever goes through that.”

All she kept wishing for was that the pain would go away. The prayer was soon answered. Between the long stay in hospital, pain, numerous medications and facing surgery, she would find relief in some supplements that were introduced to them.

Emira was to undergo surgery on her spine when help came her way.
In between raising money for the surgery and dealing with agonising pains, some supplements were introduced to her which improved her condition drastically. She shares her experience.
“My life back then was pain filled. I had a crisis almost every two weeks, some of which lasted over a week and I missed school a lot.

I was supposed to undergo spinal surgery to mend the fractures but then I was introduced to these supplements: Arthrizin, Immunozin and Fortrezin (all products of Rahma). After taking them, the fractures in my spine were stabilized so the surgery was no longer a priority and I get to focus on school and life.

To Emira, going to school is very important to her actualizing her ambition of becoming a Psychologist. She wants to help people who have emotional and psychological challenges.

“My life is a lot better now that I take Immunozin supplements. Since I started taking it, I hardly ever have a crisis and I haven’t missed a day of school this year,” she adds positively.

Asked if her current method of treatment is commonly available to other warriors, Emira says:

“I would like to believe that it is, seeing that it (Immunozin) is produced in Nigeria. The challenge I see is that of exposure. By that I mean that not many other Sickle Cell Warriors know about it but between myself and my Mother, we have been recommending it to all those we know.”

Emira’s mother, Barrister Uche Ukata speaks on how her daughter’s condition has affected them and if any other member of the family had SCD.
“No other person has it in the family, she says.
Emira’s younger brother is very protective of her and always willing to lend assistance should she require it. Financially, it’s been rough paying for her treatments when she is hospitalized and especially now that we are trying to save up for her Spinal surgery which has been put at about $20,000. Emotionally, it’s heartbreaking to see her in such pain during a crisis. But luckily since she started taking Immunozin, she hasn’t had any major crisis.”

So how did she hear about these supplements by Rahma and what advice does she have for people suffering from SCD or their families?

“My older sister and brother were taking Rahma supplements and found them efficacious and recommended them to me. This was at the point we were told about the need and cost of surgery for her spinal fractures.
Parents should ensure their Warriors take the necessary medication and supplements to enable them live healthy lives. I’ve recommended the supplements my daughter uses to quite a number of such parents and have sent them bottles of the supplements to try out. They have since started ordering theirs directly and are very pleased with the results. As a matter of fact, one of the Doctors that treated my daughter at the Sickle Cell Clinic at UNTH has indicated interest in running a private clinical review of the supplements. He was that amazed at the difference in her between the last time he saw her (when they diagnosed the fractures) and today.”

Emira had this to say about helping sickle cell warriors even further.

“Firstly, find an affordable cure to the disorder; end the stigmatization of people with sickle cell disorder, and educate people on the need to know their genotype. In addition, provide affordable medical care for sicklers and keep researching and improving on drugs to manage the disorder.”

There’s currently no widely accessible cure for sickle cell. Advances in bone marrow transplant and gene therapy has altered the landscape of sickle cell suggesting a cure is on the horizon giving hope for a brighter tomorrow.

California Man Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Killing His Son


A California man Aramazd Andressian, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for killing his 5-year-old son just to get back at his wife.


Investigators said Andressian admitted killing his son which necessitated his estranged wife damning him to hell during the hearing Los Angeles County Superior Court.


“I hope you relive the image of murdering my baby every day of your insignificant life,” Ana Estevez said. “May your dark soul burn in eternal hell.”


She also called her husband a failure as a father, a man and a human being.


“There is no real pain, just an incomprehensible deadness. Like my son, I, too, have died,” she said.


Andressian, Sr., 35, pleaded guilty earlier this month in Los Angeles County Superior Court to first-degree murder in the April death of his son, Aramazd Andressian, Jr., after a family trip to Disneyland.


Andressian pleaded guilty partly to avoid the possibility of prosecutors adding a charge that could result in the death penalty, his attorney has said.


The father did not speak during sentencing in the suburban Alhambra branch court, Fox 11 reported.


Sheriff’s investigators said the boy apparently was killed on April 21. His father was found passed out in a park the next morning, sparking an intensive search for the boy.


Andressian had taken prescription pills and was found in a car doused in gasoline in an apparent suicide attempt, sheriff’s officials have said.


Investigators searched for more than two months before they found the boy’s body on June 30 near Lake Cachuma outside Santa Barbara, about 145 miles away from Anaheim, where Disneyland is located.


Prosecutors have not revealed how the boy was killed but said the evidence against Andressian is overwhelming and the killing was planned and deliberate.


Agency Reports…

“A letter To My Younger Self”

Hey man, how are you? It’s been a while. I hope you are good.

I was told your WAEC result is excellent. Congratulations man. I wish you same luck with your UTME (JAMB) and post UTME.

UK Umar

As you gear up to go to the university, I have reasons to believe that academically, you would do well so,  no problem. On other matters, I have some tips for you.

You see,  at the university, it’s a world of its own. You’d meet all types of people. I wouldn’t tell you to be careful in choosing your circle of friends. Instead, I’d tell you to be smart about it. Just like you, others would have their own reasons for choosing who to be close to. But whatever it is,  just be smart. The friends you make at that stage of life are likely going to make or mar your next phase of life. So, again, be smart.

The freedom to be away from the watchful eyes of your parents is sweet but it also comes with responsibilities and consequences. Although, you wouldn’t be expressly told so by mom and dad but they understand that you can now have and keep female friends. Yeah….exciting, right?  Not so fast.

Female classmates and friends would come. Again, remember that people have their reasons for choosing to be close to you. Don’t forget, be smart. If you keep your grades up there, wear clean clothes and smell nice always, smile and joke with as many people as possible all the time, respect everyone and never talk down on people, I tell you,  you are on your way to easy life in school and even after school.

I know you were excited about the prospect of having fine females as classmates and friends so let me tell you a bit about them. Forget that tired line of “be careful with girls” just be smart with everyone. Women(and this applies to all people too) are generally good.  Their loyalty and friendship would come to you based on how you present yourself to them.  If for instance, you go about letting everyone know that you or your parents are rich and you can spend a lot of money, your friends would naturally profile you as the money bag they can come to when in need and that would be all.  In the same vein,  if you present yourself as the guy who cares less about his studies and has time to kill on social activities, you’d easily  become the go-to guy for fun and hang outs.

I’d advise that, in as many ways as possible, let your friends know that much as you want to have fun too,  your education is your number one priority. This way, you’d attract like minds who would help you grow in your academics and still have the appropriate dose of fun. With your female friends, form the habit of studying together. Organise tutorials and always make sure you are fully prepared to contribute. From such circles, you’d form impressions that would outlive your school days into the real world.  You never know who might, based on their knowledge of your capability, recommend you to anyone for anything tomorrow.

Do I have to tell you of the need to take your lectures seriously?  I’m sure you already know that but I have a thing or two to tell you about lecturers and our system of education.

Most of your lecturers are going to be Nigerians who received their education donkey years  from the same type of system you would meet. So,  don’t be surprised if you meet a senior lecturer who would use the same material he’s been using to teach for the past two decades to teach you.

Also, I know, from your interactions via social media with other students from other parts of the world, you have this idea that university classroom should be more of interaction and exchange of ideas between lecturers and their students. You were equally told by your friends in abroad that there is democracy in classrooms which makes it normal for you to respectfully challenge your lecturer if you have a superior point or when he’s outrightly wrong about anything. You were told to be critical and cultivate the habit of questioning whatever you are handed by your lecturers.  I know also, that you are excited at the prospect of experiencing a friendly learning atmosphere where students debate with lecturers on topics and issues which would deepen understanding across board.

Do you still hold the belief that your lecturers would take you seriously and engage you to explore the various aspects of the topics and courses instead of dumping handouts on you to cram ?  Oh, you are still luxuriating in the fantasy that your university education as taught you by your lecturers would be sufficient for you to know the world and become a better citizen. What a pity!

Let me school you real good.  You see,  much as there are good lecturers in the system who know their onions and want to do things rightly, they too become constrained by the many deficiencies of the system and before long,  they cave in. Sometimes, they would go for months without being paid their salaries. When they get tired of listening to excuses from politicians who they see living way beyond their means,  they embark on strikes which ultimately disrupts the academic  calendar. Without telling you, this is how you would end up spending 6 years for a 4 year course.

Amidst acute shortage of teaching and learning materials, the lecturers have to cope with overcrowded lecture rooms where students, most of who can barely construct an error-free sentence, overflow through the windows as even the stairs and the floors of the lecture theatres are filled up.

Consequently, when they give tests or even exams, the dedicated ones would rush through marking the tones of scripts to meet up with deadlines given by the examination officers.Those not so dedicated would outsource some of the scripts to senior students for marking.

Therefore, with all these on their minds and around them, you should understand why they come into the lecture room looking vexed and poised against any form of “challenge” from the students. It is this same reason that make them assume the roles of demigods towering high above their students dishing down lessons for them to just pick and shut up.

This system of teaching and learning is dysfunctional. More than anything else, it produces certificated graduates who barely understand anything and can’t ask questions. People who pass through this undemocratic learning system come out as zombies who don’t question and hate to be questioned. So,  there you have your merry go round;  garbage in garbage out.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t close your senses to opportunities. Open up your mind and start seeing yourself building your adult life right from your first day in the university. Build network of friends along the line of your future self. Seek every opportunity to gather both classroom knowledge and street sense. You would need both out here. Strive to start working for yourself as soon as you get out of school. Salary job whether with government or private sector is a dream killer!  In fact,  they don’t even exist anymore. Above all, study for good grades but learn to gain knowledge and understanding.


U. K.  Umar,


10th Aug.  2017.


“Feeding Fat On Blood Money; Let’s Pay Attention To NHIS”  – U. K. Umar

There is something evil about stealing money from the coffers of National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS). The crime is akin to blood money. Anyone who does that can look another person in the eye, stab them,  watch them bleed to death and make away with their money. 

The ongoing tug of war between the Executive Secretary of NHIS,  Prof. Usman Yusuf, on one end and a tag team of Minister of Health, some individuals from the National Assembly,  some members of Staff Union of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), some Civil society groups and Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) on the other end calls for serious concern. We must all rise up against this evil gang up on our monthly contributions.

As it is,  there is yet to be any credible information on what actually goes on with the funds the scheme is entrusted with. Many accredited NHIS hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies treat enrollees shabbily because they (the hospitals) claim they’ve not been paid by their HMOs for months. NHIS on the other hand, claims they pay all HMOs their entitlements three months in advance in most cases. The one left to suffer the consequences of this tussle is the poor enrollee who’s monthly contributions swells the purse of NHIS to make it attractive to thieves.

All we’ve heard or read are allegations and counter allegations from the various parties involved. Of course, everyone who speaks is innocent. This is confusing but one thing is certain though,  there is a huge corruption racket running into billions of Naira at NHIS. Some people, for whatever reason, are trying to open the lid on what has been going on for years, while others are deploying all they’ve got to cover it up. This is Nigeria!

So far,  the ES, Prof.  Usman, has been issued a three months suspension notice by the Minister of Health but the ES has responded that the Minister has no power to suspend him. That’s some guts!  The Minister said the suspension is as a result of various allegations of corruption and petitions against the embattled Professor of Paediatric.

In the same vein, some senior officials of NHIS numbering about eight,  including General Managers, Asst. General Managers, were suspended following revelations of an ongoing investigation that point to their involvement in various acts of corruption.

Remember it was Prof. Usman who, upon his assumption of office last year as the ES of NHIS, took the fight to the HMOs who were involved in different dubious acts of defrauding enrollees by either not remitting funds to the hospitals under them or inflating their entitlements with ghost enrollees. About 23,000 ghost enrollees were fished out after a clean up exercise. There were also reports of the ES refusing to honour demands of hundreds of millions of Naira from the Minister of Health for reasons clearly unconnected with the mandate of the scheme.

Since this showdown began, the ES has made statements suggesting that the funds at NHIS, before his arrival,  were a sort of cake being shared by some officials and HMOs at the detriment of the enrollees who contribute to the pool.  In Nigeria, when you make such revelations, you must be prepared for clap backs. In this case,  the claps are loud and thunderous. I just hope the Katsina -born Prof. doesn’t get deafened by them.

Already, there are people who are saying the ES has no moral standing to point out corrupt practices at NHIS because he is also alleged to be corrupt. Well,  I can’t hold brief for the ES because he’s already answering questions at EFCC and other agencies. My stand is,  we must also take seriously, the issues he’s raising against the Minister of Health and all others involved in this huge racket.

As an enrollee, even though I’m yet to get my card let alone get served by my hospital of choice after about three months of registering, I’m pained. It hurts that even the little money I contribute to be able to access affordable healthcare is not safe from the hawks. As if things aren’t bad enough already, they are stealing it too.  But I can’t just sit back and cry.  This is why I am writing to draw more attention to this issue.

When you steal money meant for healthcare delivery, you are directly murdering people to feed your affluent lifestyle. With this blood money, you are able to acquire more expensive cars you don’t need, build/buy more luxurious houses you can’t live in in places you hardly visit,  send your children to schools abroad. As a person in authority, you have access to NHIS funds, so you are able to junket around the world with your women and children. Just know that when you come full cycle, you shall know no mercy.



Housebreaking: How 60-year-old Woman Was Sentenced To Prison

A 60-year-old woman, Adegunwa Adejoke, was on Monday sentenced to six months imprisonment for breaking a shop with the intent to steal, an Ikorodu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos State ruled on Monday.

Adejoke, a resident of Agbowa-Ikosi in Ikorodu area, had pleaded guilty to the three-count charge of conspiracy, housebreaking and burglary brought against her.

The Magistrate, Mrs A.B. Olagbegi-Adelabu, who gave the verdict, sentenced the woman to six months each on the three counts, totalling 18 months.

She, however, said the sentences would run concurrently.

She said:“Having made a confessional statement, the convict said she was lured into the act by some people who fled the scene.

“Meanwhile, no goods was carted away from the shop but she was caught with a stone which she used to burgle the shop.

“In view of this, not minding the situation, the court has to protect the interest of the state.

“You are hereby sentenced to six months imprisonment on each of the counts which will run consecutively.

“This will teach you a lesson and I hope when you leave the prison, you would have turned a new leaf.”

Earlier, Police Prosecutor Mary Ajiteru told the court that the accused with others still at large were caught on June 29
at 9.00 p.m. breaking a shop belonging to Mr Oladehinde Agbomeji, at Maiyegun Bus Stop in Agbowa-Ikosi, Ikorodu.

“The accused was caught by a security man, while others fled.

“She was taken to the palace of the traditional ruler, but the chiefs directed that she should be taken to the police station.”

The offences contravened Section 305, 308 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011. (NAN)

How Aluko, Others Milked NNPC

Court papers  in Lagos Nigeria have revealed in graphic details  how oil businessmen, Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Jide Omokore laundered  the $1.7 billion creamed off the questionable oil swap transactions between them and the NNPC, during the tenure of Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Some of the money laundered through the United States and which had been used to acquire assets are now the subject of a forfeiture bid by the United States Justice Department. But the filings in a Lagos court have provided the most insightful details yet into how the entire money was laundered, while the Nigerian treasury was left dry and emasculated.

According to an affidavit sworn  at the Federal High Court by Isaac Kehinde Oginni, a lawyer in the Federal Ministry of Justice, both Aluko and Omokore  lifted and sold allotted Nigeria’s crude oil. While they were paid for their service,  they deliberately diverted to private use, what was due to the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria,  in the sum of $1,762,338,184.40.

Jide Omokore: he and Aluko were directors in the shell companies used to defraud Nigeria

*They bought vehicles  with a combined value of over N800million and donated them to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through its then  National chairman Prince Secondus.

*They also bought  vehicles valued at over N130million and gave them as gifts to former minister of Petroleum,  Mrs Dieziani Alison-Madueke and some other management staff of Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC).

*Kolawole Aluko paid $18,548,619.99 and N1,070,000,000  to FBN Mortgages Limited  as part payment for block A consisting of 26 Flats at 46 Gerrard Road Ikoyi Lagos. The block was bought for a total cost of N5,210,520,315.

*Payment of a total sum of $25,839,606.77and N95,000,000 was made to Real Bank for the purpose of part financing the acquisition and renovation of properties by  the Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Nigeria Limited (AEDC) and Atlantic Energy Brass Development limited (AEBD). The Properties are: Mason apartments  at 6 Gerrard Road Ikoyi Lagos comprising 60 units of 3 bedrooms apartment valued at $78,000,000, Marion apartments Block 8 located at 4&5,Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos consisting of 43 units of apartments valued at $76,160,000,  apartments  at 33A Cooper Road Ikoyi, Lagos renovated at a total cost of $4,937,750,  Admiralty Towers at 8 Gerrard Road Ikoyi, Lagos., which was also renovated.

The two businessmen also transferred $69,912,981.15  to the following companies ;Mia Hotels Limited, First Motors Limited, V.I.Petrochemicals, Evergreen Reality &Management, WIz Trade limited, DE First Union Integrated Services and Amity Plus limited.

Mr Ogini also averred that Kolawole Aluko literally took residence outside the shores of Nigeria, to embark on a spending spree and assets acquisition in Britain, Canada, United States and Switzerland.

Among the assets acquired were houses at: Grove End Road, London NW;   755 Sarbone Road, Los Angeles;952 North Alpine drive Los Angeles;815 Cima Del Mundo. He also bought land at  807 Coma Del Mundo in Los Angeles.

Aluko also bought houses or apartments at 1049 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1948&1952 Tolls Avenue, Santa Barbara, 157 West 57th St,New York , 4100 Let Revenge, Dubai. In Nigeria , he bought Avenue Towers in Lagos. He also bought a piece of  land in Mont Tremblat, Canada and a property at Colina D’oro Montagnola, Switzerland

After hiding his loot in many assets, he also bought the luxury $80million yacht, the Galactica Star,  58 exotic cars, expensive watches, private jets, Global Express  S5-GMG and a Bombardier Global 6000 9H-OPE.

Cash found in his bank accounts, according to documents before the court are:  LDT Switzerland -$25million, Corner Bank, Lugano, Switzerland -$ 1million, Deutsche Bank, Geneva -$40million, HSBC London $175,000.

He also had 75% shareholding in Atlantic Energy Drilling concepts  Nigeria and Atlantic Energy Brass Development and 10% Shareholding in Seven Energy.

The case came before Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo of the Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos state last Friday, incidentally the same day the US Justice Department filed a forfeiture bid at a court in Houston.

The Nigerian  judge adjourned hearing  till 29th of September, 2017 to decide whether to stay proceeding in tune with an application filed by the defendants  or continue with the case.

The Federal Republic of Nigerian and two of its agencies are the plaintiffs and they are ranged against Aluko and Jide Omokore’s  Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Nigeria Limited (AEDC) and Atlantic Energy Brass Development Limited (AEBD). The Nigerian government wants to recover $1.76 billion from the businessmen and their companies.  Omokore is the chairman of the companies, while Kolawole Aluko is a Director.

Apart from Aluko and Omokore’s application, a limited liability company Virtual Properties and Investment Limited, has also filed another application as an intervener.

The company is urging the court to discharge or vary its order,as it relates to Marion Apartments, on the ground that the property located at Block 8 Plots 4&5 Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island, Ikoyi consists of 56 apartments owned and developed by the intervener.

By virtue of two separate deeds of sublease,  the intervener said it  conveyed its interest in 43 out of the 56 apartments to Realblanc Energy Engineering limited, an affiliate of the defendants.

The intervener  contends that it still retains ownership of  13 out of the 56 apartments in Marion Apartments. It says that the order of the court is prejudicial to its interest and interferes with its right ownership over these flats.

Last year, the Nigerian government had frozen the accounts of the defendants in 19  banks in Nigeria and  eight  offshore banks.

This was sequel to the affidavit deposed  by Oginni of  the Federal ministry of Justice  in Abuja and filed by a Lagos lawyer Oladipo Okpeseyi SAN.

The court was urged as a matter of utmost urgency and public interest, in aid of administration of justice to issue a  worldwide Mareva order restraining the defendants from dissipating all  known assets directly or indirectly by the defendants including but not limited to assets listed on the face of the motion paper filed before the court.

After hearing the submission of  Okpeseyi,  counsel to the Federal Government, Justice  Oguntoyinbo restrained the defendants and their agents from demanding, receiving, transacting, mortgaging or whatsoever dealing in any manners with the assets of the defendants in banks, houses, land and shares in Nigeria and others located outside Nigeria ,while the Nigerian banks listed in the motion papers were ordered to within 7days to sequestrate all money and negotiable instruments standing to the credit of the defendants in the sum of $1,762,338,184.40 and keep same in an interest yielding account in the name of the Chief Registrar of the court as trustee of same pending the determination of the motion on notice.

The court also ordered that its ruling should be served on the affected parties by way of  advertisement in newspapers circulating within and outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Why Makarfi Took Over PDP From Sheriff

The Supreme Court has upheld the Ahmed Makarfi led Caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party as the authentic committee.

In its ruling on Wednesday, the Apex Court held that the appeal filed by Makarfi at the Federal High Court in P/H was not an abuse of court process as wrongly held by the majority judgment of the Court of Appeal.

Resolving the preliminary issue, the Supreme Court has dismissed the preliminary objection by the Ali Modu Sheriff faction, holding that the appeal by the Ahmed Makarfi faction was valid.

The second issue formulated is being considered by the Supreme Court. The issue is whether the PDP’s National Convention held on May 21, 2016 and where Sheriff was removed as National Chairman of the party was illegal.

In February, a Court of Appeal sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers state affirmed Sen. Ali-Modu Sheriff as the authentic chairman of the PDP.

The appellate court also nullified the party’s National Convention held in the Rivers capital in 2016 and the National Caretaker Committee of the party constituted at the convention.

Two out of the three-member Appeal Court, Justice B.G. Sanga and Justice A. Gumel, in the judgment, said the Port Harcourt convention was an abuse of court process.

However the Makafi led faction of the party had vowed to approach the Apex Court.

The National Publicity Secretary of the Committee, Mr Dayo Adeyeye, said then that the judgement was a “big disappointment, travesty and miscarriage of justice”.

“The minority judgement is very sound in law, logic and fact. It gives us hope that we will have our day in the Supreme Court.

“Whereas the lead judgement left out the main issues and laboured unconvincingly to work to a preconceived answer, the minority judgement thrashed all the issues and upheld the judgement of the High Court in Port Harcourt, delivered by Liman J on July 4, 2016. `

“We will certainly appeal to the Supreme Court. No reconciliatory effort will stop it. We need the Supreme Court to make a pronouncement on the issue, once and for all,’’ he said.


18 Year-old Student Slash Woman With Razor Blade

A student, Akinboyejo Ayeni, 18, was on Friday arraigned in an Okitipupa Magistrates’ Court in Ondo State for allegedly slashing a woman with razor blade.

The accused, of no fixed address, is standing trial on a two-count charge of felony and assault.

The Prosecutor, Insp. Zedekiah Orogbemi, told court that the accused on June 4 around 8: a.m. at New Garage in Okitipupa had misunderstanding with one Happiness Benijo and cut her with a blade.

Orogbemi said the deep cut inflicted on Benijo caused her severe pains.

The prosecutor said that the offences were contrary to and punishable under Sections 351 and 355, Criminal Code, Cap.37, Vol.1 Laws of Ondo State, 2006.

The accused however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Magistrate, Mr Banji Ayeomoni, granted the accused bail in the sum of N20, 000 with a surety in like sum, who must present tax clearance for one year.

Ayeomoni adjourned the case until July 14 for further hearing.

NAN. .

40 Year-old Man Killed Pregnant Wife, Impregnates Housemaid – Police

The Plateau Police Command on Thursday confirmed the arrest of a 40-year-old man, Victor Dashit, who allegedly strangled his eight months pregnant wife, Irene.

“Victor is in our custody and investigation is on-going. We shall soon take him to court,” its spokesman, Terna Tyopev, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos.

He said that Dashit, a staff of the National Industrial Court, Jos  who resides at New Abuja area of Jos, killed the wife, a 33-year-old teacher, at their farm in Kangang, on June 2.

NAN investigation revealed that Dashit, after killing the woman, invited his brother to help him to convey her to hospital after lying that she slumped few minutes after she complained of feeling dizzy.

A family source said that prior to the incident, the couple had faced lots of problems leading to persistent domestic violence.

He said that the situation got worse in May 2016, when the deceased caught her husband in bed with their house help, one Nora, in their home.

“The woman woke up one night sometime in May 2016 and did not see her husband on the bed.

“ After combing the entire house, she peeped into the house help’s room and found her husband on her,” the source said.

He said that Irene sent the girl out of the house, but the girl came back two months later and told the husband that she was pregnant.

“Nora’s pregnancy aggravated the problems in their marriage; at a point, Irene fled to her parents’ house in Gindiri, but was persuaded to return to her husband’s house by their Pastor.

“The Pastor persuaded her to return in November 2016, after intervening in the quarrel. She became pregnant immediately.

She said that Irene had two daughters, while the baby, a male, removed from her womb after she died, did not survive.

A source at the Air Force Military Hospital, Jos where Irene’s corpse was taken, said that the Dashit who brought the wife on June 2, had claimed that she slumped and died after complaining of dizziness.

“The doctors confirmed her dead on arrival, but rushed her to the theatre for an emergency CS in a bid to save her unborn baby but brought out a dead child,” the source said.

Further investigation by the medics, however revealed marks on her neck, which suggested that she was strangled.

“The doctors quickly reported the matter at the Anglo Jos police station where Dashit owned up to strangling his wife,” he said.

Tyopev, while describing the incident as “unfortunate”, blamed the development on alleged infidelity, saying that Dashit had equally confessed to impregnating his housemaid.

“He confessed to holding the woman by the neck, but said he did not intend to kill her,” he said.